November 10, 2011

How to Remove Popup Ads Text-Enhance Cookie from Your Computer

Text-Enhance cookie was appeared at your computer because some reasons:
  • You have directly visited or a website that you have visited uses some of the components (pages, files, images, and so on) of the website
  • A software application with Internet-enabled functionality that had previously accessed the website was running on your PC (in this case, the cookie will be saved in Internet Explorer, Mozilla and other browser)

You can detect the presence of the cookie in your system using some antimalware application. This way, the detection and removal will be performed automatically. Alternatively, you can choose to perform the following steps, depending on the browser you are using:

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)
  • From the Tools menu, or the Tools list in the upper right section, select Internet Options
  • Under Browsing History, click Settings
  • Click View Objects or View Files
  • Check if for the cookie is present on the list

Internet Explorer 5.x-6.x (IE5-IE6)
  • From the Tools menu, select Options or Internet Options
  • In the General tab, click Settings
  • Select View Files
  • You can identify the cookie files by checking the file names beneath the Name or Internet Address column. The files will contain the Cookie: element.

Mozilla Firefox (FF)
  • From the Tools menu, select Options
  • In the upper section of the Options window, click Privacy
  • In the Cookies tab, click Show Cookies or remove individual cookies link
  • In the Cookies window, enter in the Search field and run a search, or you can scroll down the list to check whether the cookie is present there.

And below, you will find instructions on how to block the cookie permanently in the different browsers.
To block enhance cookie in Internet Explorer
  • From the Tools menu of Internet Explorer, select Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy tab, and then click Sites. The Per site privacy actions window will be displayed
  • In the Per site privacy actions window, enter in the Address of Web site field
  • Click Block

To block enhance cookie in Mozilla Firefox
  • From the Tools menu, select Options
  • In the upper section of the Options window, click Privacy
  • In the Cookies tab, click Exceptions
  • In the new Exceptions - Cookies window, enter and in the Address of Website field and click Disable
Removing Add-Ons/Extensions
In Google Chrome, click on the wrench at the top right, then select Tools->Extensions and remove something called “Facetheme” or “Better Links” there. The add-on called “Facetheme” was the one on my computer that was directly linked to “Better Links” was a similar add-on we found on a different computer, but worked essentially the same as text enhance.
In IE, go into Tools->Manage Add-Ons to remove it there. In Firefox, go into Tools->Add Ons. While you’re in there, remove any unwanted add-ons. There’s a good chance you’ll see some you don’t recognize or want.

Add/Remove Programs
We actually found “Facetheme” in our add/remove programs section of Windows. So, remove it from your computer. The removal process seemed to work this way as well.

October 2, 2009

PCMAV 2.1a (October 2009 Update)

The new update of PCMAV has been released on this October 2009. In this new version, 2.1a, PCMAV able to detect and remove 2.954 the famous viruses.

Whats new in PCMAV 2.1a:
  • UPDATED! Added to database, scanner and cleaner of 71 local viruses/new variants that reported by users in Indonesia and Asia. Total 2954 viruses and its variants, including new variant of Conficker virus.
  • IMPROVED! Added the special cleaner for virus smansa.
  • IMPROVED! Heuristic engine for detect new variant of some complex polymorphic viruses.
  • And other bug fixed and some improvisations.

Download this great and small Anti Virus at Here.

May 10, 2009

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0b - Valkyrie

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0b - Valkyrie

New Release May 9, 2009

Kill all Brontok virus, Conficker and all its variants without damaging Operating System and your files

Whats New
  • a. Improved! Added a database and virus cleaning 60 local / foreign / new variants have been spread. Total 2720 virus with variannya, including virus Conficker sophisticated, a lot of outstanding and has been known in this version 2.0b by core engine PCMAV.
  • b. BuG fixed! In the previous version of RTP running less perfect in Windows XP / Vista, which in some cases to result in some applications can not run perfectly.
  • c. BuG fixed! Routine scan memory does not fail again in detecting some types of script viruses.
  • d. BuG fixed! Heuristic engine is now more accurate in detecting the suspected file.
  • e. NEW! Additional advanced heuristic engine that can detect polymorphic variants of the virus spread much.
  • f. BuG fixed! Scan through the right-click "Scan with PCMAV" can now be integrated in Vista without problems.
  • g. Improved! Display splash screen Realtime Cleaner and Protector.
  • h. BuG fixed! Error detection (false alarm) heuristik on some programs and scripts.
  • i. Updated! README.TXT
  • j. Improved! Several name changes the virus has found a new variant.
  • k. Improved! Some minor improvements and bug improvised code to ensure that internal PCMAV can still be pride.

Minimal System Requirement

Processor: Pentium
RAM: 256 MB
Operating systems: - Windows XP 32-bit
- Window Vista 32-bit
- Windows 7 32-bit

Download this AntiVirus for free at Here or Here.