May 10, 2009

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0b - Valkyrie

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0b - Valkyrie

New Release May 9, 2009

Kill all Brontok virus, Conficker and all its variants without damaging Operating System and your files

Whats New
  • a. Improved! Added a database and virus cleaning 60 local / foreign / new variants have been spread. Total 2720 virus with variannya, including virus Conficker sophisticated, a lot of outstanding and has been known in this version 2.0b by core engine PCMAV.
  • b. BuG fixed! In the previous version of RTP running less perfect in Windows XP / Vista, which in some cases to result in some applications can not run perfectly.
  • c. BuG fixed! Routine scan memory does not fail again in detecting some types of script viruses.
  • d. BuG fixed! Heuristic engine is now more accurate in detecting the suspected file.
  • e. NEW! Additional advanced heuristic engine that can detect polymorphic variants of the virus spread much.
  • f. BuG fixed! Scan through the right-click "Scan with PCMAV" can now be integrated in Vista without problems.
  • g. Improved! Display splash screen Realtime Cleaner and Protector.
  • h. BuG fixed! Error detection (false alarm) heuristik on some programs and scripts.
  • i. Updated! README.TXT
  • j. Improved! Several name changes the virus has found a new variant.
  • k. Improved! Some minor improvements and bug improvised code to ensure that internal PCMAV can still be pride.

Minimal System Requirement

Processor: Pentium
RAM: 256 MB
Operating systems: - Windows XP 32-bit
- Window Vista 32-bit
- Windows 7 32-bit

Download this AntiVirus for free at Here or Here.

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